About namhas.dev

There are many choices a web developer needs to make. The choices might be based on blindly following the latest trends, or the choices may be very intentional.

The choices here are very intentional, highly opinionated.

Values waste avoidance

For whatever it is worth...

0.01g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this website.

This is same as driving 40 kilometers using an average non-electric vehicle if this website is visited 1 million times.

CO2 calculated using WebSiteCarbon.com.

This website uses various tricks and techniques for decreasing the theoretical per pageview CO2 emissions which incidentally also maximize the good and inclusive user experience because the page loads and works faster and does not require Javascript.

Values your privacy and patience

No trackers, no cookies, no scripts and no advertisements here.

Values inclusivity

Not all users can use, or even want to use the latest mainstream web browser. Non-mainstream browsers may lack features such as support for Javascript. Some users might also have disabled Javascript for privacy or performance reasons, or for the uncluttered, non-jittery user experience.

Here, Javascript or CSS support are not required. The lightest browser should work fine.

Values decentralization and open internet

Does not use a datacenter because everyone should be able to self-host without relying on huge 3rd party server farms.

Here, the content is served to you from a private, actual physical server located in Finland.

Values human-scale development

Core internet technologies should stay human-scale so that every programmer should be able to write their own web server without too much trouble.

Here, the content is served to you by a self-implemented web server written from scratch using the C programming language and the content can be accessed using any self-implemented web browser.

Values backwards-compatibility

All technologies should be backward compatible to the very beginning unless there is a fatal mistake, such as a security vulnerability, that cannot be fixed without breaking the compatibility.

This page should work on all proper computers released after 1980, as long as support for core Internet technologies can be installed. The only problematic requirement might be the TLS encryption which means you need to use a local TLS termination proxy if you wish to get this working on a 1980-era computer.

Encryption would not be required here, but the integrity verification of TLS is essential for preventing MitM attacks. Accessing a website without TLS cannot be recommended.